European Plant Hire Services


Column & Boom Manipulators

Used in conjunction with rotating and/or positioning equipment to locate an Automatic Welding Head, Column & Boom Manipulators offer the correct position over the work-piece to achieve the necessary down hand weld.

Pipe Welding

Used to assist the welding process by safely rotating pipespool sections that are neither standard in diameter, length, configuration or weight, Pipe welding equipment can be set up with many different rotating and positioning arrangements.


Used to to present the weld instantly in the down hand position to the operator or welding head, Welding positioners are designed to manipulate a non-cylindrical work-piece enabling the operator to manipulate his own work-piece un-assisted.


Used for a variety of work tasks including flame cutting, assembly, X-ray inspection, positioning work for machining as well as for positioning weldments, Turntables are single.

Self Aligning Welding Rotators

Self-aligning welding rotators automatically adjust to take care of any ovality or diameter variationSelf Aligning Welding Rotatorss along the length of the work piece. This allows the work piece to be automatically rotated into precisely the required position for fitting, assembly and welding.

Welding & Cutting Equipment

Based on cutting edge technology for all types of metals our range of Welding & Cutting Equipment offers a range of solutions for every welding or cutting application.

Plasma and Carbon Arc Cutters, Stick, TIG, MIG, Fluxed Cored, Resistance Spot, Submerged Arc, Multi-process, Multi-operator, Engine-Driven, Wire Feeders and Automation all backed up by the Manufacturer's Genuine Parts and Accessories are all available from the European Plant range.

All our products are available on a Long or Short Term Hire Basis with Hire Purchase and Lease as alternatives.

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